Before the flood . . .

This was taken last Sunday as I travelled into Leeds on a dismal day to take photos for the various themes or challenges that formed part of a weekend of Midsummer Madness among members of the Leeds flickr group. One of those themes was “A Perfect Climate”.

A Perfect Climate, ©

After that came the floods…

With no chance of seeing out the window, I couldn’t fail to notice the monochromatic effect of the girl’s hat and clothing, set off by the softened, pearly light. But when she cleaned a spot on the window I began to scrabble in my pocket for my camera. When she repeated the gesture some minutes later, she was very quick and I missed what I had been waiting for. The couple of photos I took with no hand only showed how indespensible the gesture was. Near the bus station she did it a third time and I got the shot.

I would love to show her this photo, let her have a copy. As often as I can, I do share what I am doing in this way. Not this time. Too easy to be misunderstood. But having a website ( and this blog does help. It makes it clear that I am happy to offer further information and to offer subjects the chance to review and comment on my efforts.


3 thoughts on “Before the flood . . .

  1. I use the buses a lot and I have taken a lot of photos on buses and at busstops. Over the course of time I intend to use this blog to explore the photographic possibilities and challenges offered by bus journeys, to look at the experiences I have tried to reflect as well as technical and social issues that have been thrown up by my time on the buses.
    So I might come back to compare the photo above with one or two others I have taken on the buses. For instance, this one, also taken in response to a theme in the Leeds flickr group. You might like to look out for my flickr set of photos taken “On the Buses” or the flickr group (also called “On the Buses“) I started on the flickr website.

  2. I do like this image very much and the sound of your group. It’s too bad I’m in France or I’d love to join you.

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