No-flash corner again

No-flash corner again ©

Throughout the last year working on my Briggate project I have thought about using a weblog to record some of the stories behind (at least some of) the pictures. But a comment left yesterday under this photo on the Flickr website prompted me to finally start one. So I thought it only fitting that I make this the first picture posted.

This photo was taken on Park Row, the finest “no-flash corner” in Leeds. The strong shadows at the bottom are thrown by the evening sun streaming down between the buildings. But it is also striking a large glass-fronted building (West Riding House) and bouncing back to light up the faces. You can just see that the woman on the right has two shadows going in opposite directions. Hence no flash needed.

This makes it a rewarding spot from a photographer’s point of view — although when the light is good there are often not many people about. My most enjoyable and productive hours spent there have been in the company of my friend, fellow street photographer, griff le riff. In one of the many groups devoted to street photography on flickr, Griff and I have tried to document the way we work and the encounters we have enjoyed. READ THE STORY HERE

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