They thought they were wild

They thought they were wild, ©


They thought they were wild, so I just had to do a bit of a mad dance to show them what “wild” really means.

Taking pictures in pubs or clubs that are almost dark, or on the streets late at night, is pretty challenging. And not all the challenges are technical.

But I really do want to explore the night life of Leeds with my camera. This weekend is the last on which smoking in pubs and public places will be legal in England. I was invited by two friends and fellow photographers to join them on this historic occasion.

I made many simple mistakes. Autofocus is less efficient in very low light but equally it is difficult to read distance scales in the dark. Quite a few photos were simply not in focus. Judicious use of high ISOs and post-processing can make images brighter than the scene as viewed by the eye — but then one risks losing the very atmosphere that made the scene at all interesting.

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