The Exhibition in The Light

An exhibition of over 100 of my photos from the Briggate project were exhibited in The Light from June 8-17th 2007. You can see some of them in the photo below.

I want to use this blog to reflect on some of the experiences involved in actually mounting the exhibition as well as over a year’s work photographing on the streets of Leeds. This was huge undertaking and I learnt quite a bit in the process. My hope is that by reflecting on the process I will give myself some kind of impetus for further projects, quite different from this one. More about the Briggate project at my website

Passers-by, ©

A couple passing my exhibition in The Light, Headrow, Leeds

One thought on “The Exhibition in The Light

  1. Lloyd it’s great to hear that you have had an exhibition. It’s no more than your work deserves. I hope the people of Leeds realise the importance of this kind of project and you manage to archive it for future generations for the viewers to see life in 2007.

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