Would you care to dance?

Would you care to dance?, © Briggate.com.

I would love to do a book of dance photos…


But dance photos are not easy. There is always a significant element of chance. Especially in the (often dimly-lit) venues where I like to dance. It is a different matter photographing staged (and properly lit) dance. But I would love to do a whole series that captured something of the excitement of participation as well as some of the social interactions that surround it.

3 thoughts on “Would you care to dance?

  1. With your eye Lloyd, you could get a really good collection of images but as you say, there are a lot of technical issues to overcome caused by the low light. The biggest challenge for something like that is being a photographer not a participant. If you are there to take photos then you can’t be fully involved with the event as you’ll always be stepping back to look for interesting images.

    Something else to consider is how the photographer affects the people at the event. You can’t stay in disguise as the people there will know you are a photographer and will change their behavior accordingly. Either being shy or subconsciously posing whenever you are around. You can’t control them as you would for a portrait as they aren’t there to be photographed. Blending into the background with a camera in hand takes a lot of patience and you learn to accept that many great photos just aren’t possible given the challenging conditions.

    LLOYD: Neil, you make an important point – about the photographer not participating fully. But that is precisely the point: what I am keen to photograph is a ‘scene’ in which I have never ever participated. And now that I am over 50 I am more than ever an ‘alien’ in places like the Carpe Diem.

    And having said all of that — about behaviour and interaction — I would love to discuss some of the purely technical issues. I simply experiment. I win some, lose some. But that doesn’t leave me very confident that my methods are really evolving.

  2. Lloyd first visit to this site and I find it full of movement and excitement. I can almost hear the music radiating out of those dance images. I will post a link on my site so others can come and enjoy your work.

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