4 thoughts on “In the heat of the moment

  1. Neil, sure — a bit. It is certainly not something I anticipated otherwise i would have avoided the situation.

    The presence of mind needed to get the shot… and get it right… shows, I think that I was pretty calm. So not that intimidated.

    I think there is a certain state of mind, — you might think of meditation, or of a copper on his beat — a state of mind in which some of the important issues have already been resolved.

    I know that I am not going to get ugly… (“A soft answer turneth away wrath”). I know that no photo is worth a punch up. I knew that even if my camera took a dive or even got pinched, it is only a small matter in the grand scheme of things (when you realize how much of my own money went into my Briggate project).

    It also helps to be observant. In observing this group in order to get the photo which I had already taken, I had noted how much drinking had already taken place. This was taken in the middle of a VERY hot day last summer.

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